Waiting for bus, Lijiang Yunnan province

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This is an agency that lies, cheats (steals) and neglects the teachers working for them. Before the teacher arrives at their office and signs the contract, the agency is usually very courteous and prompt – that is just an act to get the teacher in their office (in Chengdu).

Here is a list of things to expect from Sunny English Club:

1. The contract you sign in their office IS not the same as the one you would have received prior (by email). Changes are made regarding what the teacher pays for (the teacher pays for everything).

2. The salary they offer to all teachers is 4000RMB. The school pays them much more than that each month. Few teachers have bargained for more and have succeeded. They advertise 4000RMB to 8000RMB simply to get your attention however.

3. If you arrive on a tourist visa, they will modify your contract so that you pay all the necessary visa fees + plane fare to Hong Kong as well as accommodation. They will deduct the airfare from your salary. A fare that they determine since they purchase the tickets.

What you may not know is that they charge you for the trip to Hong Kong, and they also charge the schools (air + accommodation). This is likely true for all the other fees the teacher has to pay to acquire their documents.

4. They take advantage of every opportunity to skim the teacher’s salary.

5. Their legal document process is not legitimate; the teacher’s visa is rarely, if ever, registered in the city or school where he/she works. They find loopholes and do their registration in small cities that are usually hours away. This is not legal.

6. Visa issues and important documents are always left to the very last-minute.

7. They tend to hold/keep the teacher’s passport and documents. This may not be an issue for some teachers, but can be a problem if you decide to travel on the weekends.

8. They will not pay the teachers for some holidays, like spring festival that spans a few days. But the school pays them.

9. They provide no incentives; other, legitimate, agencies provide things like Air Fair, medical insurance, higher salaries, and other perks.

10. They will ignore your messages regarding any problems you have.

11. Sunny has her hands in the pockets of some employees at in the PSB and the Police. It is known that she has canceled the visa of at least one former employee who quit and stayed in China. Be careful if you decide to quit since she’ll retaliate after losing face with the school that you left. The fine for each day overstayed on an expired or canceled visa is 500RMB to a maximum of 5000RMB.

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cover shop in Guangzhou

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Gravest drought appearing in Yunnan Province

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Sexy Chinese Women’s Soccer on Chinese Magazine

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China Railway High-speed

China Railway High-speed

Wuhan-Guangzhou passenger railway high-speed: 350 kilometers per hour,

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No Pants Subway Ride was held in Guangzhou , on Sunday, Jan. 17, 2010.


No Pants Subway Ride

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The police officers are walking the streets of Houjie

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Up to 12 inches of snow fell

The authorities in Beijing have closed schools and mobilised thousands of people to help clear roads after the heaviest snowfall for nearly 60 years.

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2010 Beijing’s First Snow

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